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Packages AND individual sessions must be paid in full WITHIN 24 HOURS of scheduling the package/s and/or individual sessions.

Cancellations and Rescheduling

ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE WITHIN 24 HOURS OF BOOKING.  Payment is accepted through Venmo @MichalskiPHD.  We do not have a pay as you go payment option.  This applies to synthetic training as well as any on ice trainings.  Only players on a fill in/waiting list can pay as they attend.  If financial restrictions limit your ability to pay in full up front, we can discuss a mutually agreed upon payment plan that can be set up.

Premier Hockey Development does not have refunds for any Premier Hockey Development purchases.  ALL cancellations must be rescheduled and used within the time frame listed below.    Funds are NOT transferable.  

Cancellations MORE THAN 7 days in advance of the scheduled session will receive a credit to be used within 30 days as previously stated.  If cancelling LESS THAN 7 days prior to a session, Premier Hockey Development must be able to find a player to replace your player's spot whether for on or off ice/synthetic training in order to issue a credit.  We do NOT credit for cancellations less than 24 HOURS in advance of an on/off ice session unless your player is able to find a replacement for their own spot.  Players can find their own replacement at anytime to receive a credit.  If a player finds their own replacement, they must contact Premier Hockey Development and inform of this change in order to receive a credit.  Cancellations LESS THAN 7 days that find a replacement must use their credit WITHIN 7 DAYS of the cancelled training.


Sessions are only cancelled regarding weather if a rink (a rink in this case is defined as an indoor rink that Premier Hockey Development has contracted with on commercial property.  This policy does NOT apply to residential rinks on a client's personal property that is set up/designed for seasonal use.) is closed and/or a driving ban is in place for the city or town the rink is located.  If a session is cancelled by Premier Hockey Development, all players in a session will be contacted directly.  Any cancelled sessions by Premier Hockey Development would constitute a refund or credit to that player.  A player missing a scheduled session due to weather would not constitute a refund or credit unless it adheres to the cancellation policy previously stated.

All changes to policies are due to limited availability, keeping on ice groups to smaller numbers, and the cost of renting ice.

Premier Hockey Development has a zero tolerance policy with respect to uncontrolled behavior, bullying, hazing, alcohol tobacco, drugs and controlled substances, weapons of any kind, or any other activity which we deem illegal or not in conformance with Premier Hockey Development standards.  If a skater is expelled due to any of the above circumstances, no refund will be given.

Any requests for a refund or credit must be submitted in an email to  Requests given in person or by phone will not be considered.  Please allow 30 days for the refund to be evaluated.

No-Show Policy

Should a client fail to show up for a scheduled session without either cancelling or rescheduling, that session will NOT be credited or refunded.


Sorry, there are no refunds for Premier Hockey Development purchases and all cancellations must be rescheduled based on the policies listed above.


Policies are subject to change at the discretion of Premier Hockey Development.  Any policy change will be posted at

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